What does Ever Red cover

With the Ever Red warranty extension, your bike is entirely covered for manufacturing defects. 

However, it does not include:

a) Malfunctions owing to improper maintenance, repair or lack of care for the bike (we remind you that the official Ducati maintenance plan must be respected for the standard warranty to be valid);

b) Components subject to wear or deterioration as a result of the normal operation of the bike (for example: tyres, filters, lights, final drive, belts, flexible controls, spark plugs, friction components including the clutch and brake pads and discs)

c) Aesthetic damage to painted or chromed surfaces, also as a result of oxidation or atmospheric agents owing to environmental conditions or exceptional circumstances, or to irregular or incorrect washing of the bike;

d) Installation of components/accessories and modifications to the bike that are not approved by Ducati;

e) The bike's battery;

f) Bikes used in any kind of sporting competition;

g) Bikes used for commercial or rental services.