2003 - Today

Motorcycles at the centre of the world

In today's increasingly connected world, things are changing quicker than ever. Mobile technology reflects a rapidly moving reality while communication via social networks reflects relationships that are in continuous transformation.
There is once again a desire to express one's identity and be part of a community. Even riding a motorcycle becomes an experience to be shared, a way of relating to one's group. From this stem many motorcycle gatherings, such as World Ducati Week, and we witness great success, with the Scrambler and its powerful expressiveness for example. Evolved electronics, safety and improved comfort and performance make the motorcycle a technologically advanced and interactive object. But the passion for a true, unique, adrenaline-filled experience lives on, like a red motorcycle with which to hurtle down the world's roads and racetracks.

Desmosedici RR
MotoGP with a turn signal

Bring the Grand Prix motorcycle racing experience to the street - this was the idea behind the Desmosedici RR.
Derived directly from the GP06 designed by the Ducati Racing Team, the Desmosedici RR was the first street bike to replicate a MotoGP model.
Its design and aerodynamics faithfully reflected the original
racing version. The same applied to the equipment,
materials, layout and technical specifications of the powerful 90-degree V four-cylinder Desmodromic with 16

Installation - The stylised kerb expresses the product's derivation from the racing world.

Superbike 1098
Designed for the stopwatch

The design and layout of the 1098 were the result of an association between racing technology, components
derived from the racetrack, and Ducati tradition. The racing spirit thus took shape, and the 1098 immediately stood out for its bold and decisive look.
Characteristic Ducati elements such as the high tail
guard, compact front end, double underseat silencers
and single-sided swing arm were combined in a project where every detail was studied and pared back to the essentials, increasing lightness and performance to
maximum levels.

Installation - The installation plays with transparency and reproducing the lines of the bike with a print, on transparent acrylic glass, of a sketch made by the bike's designer.

Multistrada 1200
Endless transformation

Ducati met yet another challenge head on, creating four motorcycles in one. Just a click of the button to deal with any type of terrain and satisfy any personality. Multistrada 1200 is a sports bike, a touring Granturismo bike, a city bike, and an Enduro street bike.
A motorcycle designed to offer maximum riding pleasure, great performance in comfort and safety, as well as advanced
technology, ease of use, and versatility. Excitement is multiplied with the Multistrada 1200.

Installation - The installation comprises a topographic map that underlines the four ways of using the Multistrada 1200: the sports bike, the touring bike, the city bike and the road-going enduro.

1199 Superleggera
The lightness of being

With the Superleggera 1199, Ducati set new benchmarks for the motorcycle world. Lighter and more durable materials such as magnesium, carbon fibre, titanium, lithium, and aluminium were used, usually reserved for racing bikes, as was the most sophisticated technology available.
In doing so, Ducati reached a whole new level, with more than 200 HP of power and a record dry weight of just 155 kg. A superbike that offered the maximum in terms of sophistication, performance and riding enjoyment."

Installation - The installation highlights the concept of the bike with an example of knolling photography and the exhibiting of some of those components known for their lightness.