750 SS

The 750 Supersport Desmo was unveiled at the Milan motorcycle show in November 1973.

For the first time in its history, Ducati offered its advanced Desmodromic system in an L-twin engine to the general public.

To some extent, the 750 SS was meant as a tribute to the 1972 win at the Imola 200-Miles.

The Desmodromic system debuts on a road twin-cylinder bike - the 750 Super Sport Desmo - in 1974.

The Borgo Panigale factory turned out only 401 units of the first 750 SS.

The 750 SS won the “Daytona 200-Miles” with US rider Cook Neilson.

As of 1975, the 750 SS used the new “Square Case” engine.


This bike, although offering spectacular performance, also offered a set of features rarely seen together on a sport bike. The four-stroke engine was able to satisfy the needs of any biker, including those interested in racing, without special customization.

This was the result of uncompromising design and superior craftmanship, combining the potential of the twin-cylinder engine with the unrivalled mechanics of the legendary 750 Imola.



1975 1° Campionato Italiano Maximoto
Franco Uncini
1976 1° Campionato Italiano Maximoto
Adelio Faccioli
1977 1° Battle of the Twins - Daytona
Cook Neilson

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