900 Super Sport Desmo

The 900 Supersport Desmo was the natural evolution of the 750cc engine.

The first 900 Supersport's were introduced into the market in late 1975.

The 900 SSD Darmah restyled from an older model by Leopoldo Tartarini, former Ducati rider.

The 900 SSD Darmah was also available in red.

The last version of the Darmah was built in the early 1980s.


After the round case twins 750 GT, Sport and Super Sport Desmo entered the scene, Ducati management found that the line-up lacked a super sport bike capable of competing with the Japanese superbikes with over 750 cc and the Ducati 900 Super Sport was developed to fill that gap.

Initially, Ducati opted for a more touring-oriented approach, with the 860 GT styled by Giugiaro, that unfortunately did not win the public's favour. At the same time, however, the Bolognese manufacturer also introduced a sportier version, the 900 Super Sport, reminiscent of the sales success of the gorgeous 750 SS Desmo.
The 860 cc engine was derived from the original L-twin engine conceived for the 750 GT, however with a redesigned, more squared case.

Throughout its history, the 900 SS actually underwent few modifications, from the fuel tank to the light-alloy wheels, and was offered in a gold and black livery, in addition to the classic silver and electric blue colour scheme.


The Supersport family was revamped towards the early '80 giving birth to the Darmah series. Unfortunately, this last version was not a great success either, mostly because Ducati had introduced the more popular - and much coveted - Mike Hailwood® Replica in 1979.



1973 1° 24 Hour of del Montjiuc
1975 1° 24 Hour of Montjiuc
1° C. Sterreich Osk Cup
1° 24 Hour of Montjiuc
1980  1° Argentine championship Maxi Moto
Ricardo Camillo Garcia
1981  1° 24 Hour of Montjiuc
Grau/De Juan

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