In 1979, the new Ducati engine – called Pantah – debuts on the 500 twin-cylinder along with the first Trellis frame.

The Pantah 500 was also produced in a 600 version.

At the time, the Pantah 500 was considered a veritable technical revolution at Ducati.

A new engine and new frame were introduced to update the technology of the bevel-drive twin engines and double cradle frames.

For as innovative as it was, initial reaction of the motorcycle market to the Pantah 500 was tepid.

Accompanying the Pantah project were the first aftermarket products for the new model.


One of the top bike magazines described the Pantah 500 as follows: "Nothing in the world is more powerful or faster than the Pantah."

Designed by an unrivalled team of gurus - Taglioni, Mengoli, Bocchi and Martini - it was, by all accounts, one of the most successful bikes in Ducati production history.



1980 "Due Ruote d'Oro"
The Motor Magazine - Italy

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