Complimentary D-A-R-E Course with selected Multistrada purchases


Receive a complimentary Level 1 D-A-R-E Course with the purchase of a Multistrada 1200 Enduro or Multistrada 950.

DARE is a benchmark rider training and rider experience program. The program has been developed to enhance the off-road riding experience of Ducati owners and enthusiasts. Geared essentially to the adventurer and explorer, the program boasts 2 levels of training to ensure riders have the adequate skills to master their Ducati in a variety of terrain. The program is designed to assist owner’s progress from a basic level of riding skill, to a level of competency and confidence that after Level 1 they are equipped to start building on their skills base to gain a true relationship with their machine.

Visit for course details, locations and pricing.


Offer only available for a limited time.  Contact your local authorised Ducati dealer for offer details.