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At Borgo Panigale the 90th anniversary celebrations continue and there are still plenty of surprises in store.
This month Redline Magazine takes a look at the WDW2016 festivities, illustrating this record-breaking edition as seen through the eyes of both the Ducatisti and the riders who made it such a success.
On 23 September the Ducati Museum was officially reopened with the launch of an exciting new theme-based, narrative walk-through: a new beginning acclaimed by enthusiasts and experts alike.
Once again, this issue dedicates plenty of space to in-depth examination of new bikes, with a special focus on the latest arrival in the Ducati stable: the SuperSport, a bike that changes the sport motorcycle rules in true Ducati style.
Plus: the new apparel and accessories line, new Scrambler events and the latest adventures with our Globetrotters.
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