Ever Red is an extension of the Ducati official warranty. It can be purchased for an additional 12 or 24 months on top of the period of standard cover.

With Ever Red your Ducati also retains a high value if sold: the warranty offered actually relates to the bike and not to its owner.

If you decide to sell your bike, it will remain covered until the end of the selected period.

All the advantages of Ever Red

• Standard warranty valid across Australia and New Zealand

• Unlimited mileage 

• The bike is entirely covered in terms of manufacturing defects (excluding only those parts subject to wear, the bodywork and the battery)

• If you sell your bike, the warranty passes to the new owner for the remaining period


The Ever Red extension is only available at the time of purchase: visit your Ducati dealer to see which finance plan would best suit you. Ever Red is the best way to protect your bike.

Road Side Assistance is only available upon request through your local authorised Ducati dealer.