A sustainable event

WDW2016 will also mark the achievement of another important goal.

Ducati, in managing its activities, has always shown particular awareness in terms of the environment, underlining its commitment with the rational use and optimisation of water and energy resources, as well as its waste production.

As a demonstration of Ducati's serious commitment to sustainability, the company has received ISO 20121 certification for the Sustainable Event Management System. 
A step that serves to highlight how the World Ducati Week event, which has the power to bring together thousands of fans from across the world, can also be an opportunity to demonstrate balanced management from an economic, environmental and social standpoint, thus becoming the first example of a certified sustainable event in the biking world.

ISO 20121 is the latest international standard for the certification of sustainable management systems for events. The certification ensures, at an international level, that an event or subject involved in an event operates in a sustainable manner.

Read the sustainability policy document to find out more.

A modern, organised vision in environmental policy management that will see the involvement of not only Ducati and its staff, but also all those attending the event.

Your contribution is important, too, to make WDW a sustainable event: find out what to do in 7 simple stages.

To find out about all the actions that we have come up with to make World Ducati Week 2016 the first sustainable event in the biking world, we invite you to look at the event's Declaration of Sustainability.